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From studying Italian to FirefighterAid

Flyers in Focus How Naz helped prepare Gabrielle Rockwell '17 Gabrielle Rockwell '17 shares with us how Naz helped her prepare for a career in not-for-profit work. She is community engagement coordinator at FirefighterAid, an organization that helps firefighters and families in times of need, and event coordinator at San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb charity event, a fundraising event to commemorate those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Future Dr. Melissa Wilkinson

Flyers in Focus Melissa Wilkinson '17 Majors: Biology, Toxicology  Minors: Honors Program, Chemistry, Bioethics, Environmental Science  Melissa Wilkinson is a graduate from the class of 2017 and current toxicology Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University. Melissa has been and continues to be recognized for her achievements in research and being an exceptional woman in the field of toxicology, one of them being the Women in Toxicology SIG Vera W. Hudson and Elizabeth K. Weinsburger Scholarship Fund Student Award. Her dream is to work in science policy and maybe one day joining an executive branch agency such as the CDC or EPA.

Investigating the dark web, terrorism financing, and virtual currency

Jarod Koopman's early interest in numbers and his business mindset grew into a passion for federal crime investigation. The accounting major's college internship at the U.S. Department of the Treasury's IRS criminal investigation unit sparked his career. His recent work focuses on virtual currency, illicit exchanges, the dark web, and terrorism financing. The former Naz lacrosse team member is now a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA. Read a new profile of this alum: Jarod Koopman '02

In Love at Naz

Written by: Genevieve Fontana  Alumni share how Nazareth plays a special role in their love stories.  To Naz Together Marioly Corchando ’05 and Nicklaus Ambrose ’04 "We met actually in high school! Like all high school sweethearts we didn't want to be separated when we went to college so I asked Nick if he would consider going to school in Rochester. He applied at multiple schools, but RIT didn't have a golf team at the time and Nazareth gave Nick a more competitive financial aid package than St. John Fisher, so he came to college with me!  We sat near each other for three straight years in high school and because he was quiet I assumed he just was not interested. A mutual friend of ours introduced us and after being assigned seats next to each other in high school we started a conversation that has been going on for almost 22 years. It was best friend at first sight that eventually turned into love.  Nick is your quintessential "nice guy" with great eyes and a v

Don’t Postpone Your Happiness

By Carlyne Fernald ‘16, ‘18G What do you do when you’ve prepared, worked hard, and advanced in your career field — and then you wake up one day and decide you want something entirely different for your life? You can leave your job, sell your house, buy an RV and take the leap into an unconventional lifestyle — one that goes against the grain of societal norms.  Here’s how my husband and I got to this point — and how we did it. Jumping for joy at the Bonneville Salt Flats on the border of Utah and Nevada After college I attended Nazareth College and was about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in communication and media , with a minor in Psychology. I was passionate about marketing, but I was unsure of how I’d step into my career after graduation. I spent four years playing on the women’s lacrosse team at Naz. My coaches, teammates and the lessons I learned on and off the field were something I knew I would carry with me forever. My junior year, I had the opportunity to study abroad